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It would be terribly inappropriate to suggest a group trip to Colorado, yes? For reasons of ... botany?

Yes I am aware I can walk two blocks and acquire the same thing from at least two people, not to include a former co-worker, also not to include the plant that sometimes lives in the apartment until Amanda or I forget to turn the heat lamp on for days and days, but if we go to Colorado then it is legal and I can pretend to be law-abiding very very briefly, which would be both new and interesting.
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Yvette's birthday was last week (Happy Birthday! Again.) and mine is next Saturday and I know some of you are probably starting back up with classes next Monday. So how about we go out next Saturday night and celebrate?

TV Night

Oct. 26th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Popcorn, fizzy sugary drinks and good friends, plus the pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane. What's not to love?

Oh dear.

Dec. 21st, 2011 07:55 pm
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So much for the happy Christmas time, with Maddie and Artie squabbling on the journals. I do not remember being so... bratty.
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...concussion will get me. Who's up for distracting me while I stay awake?
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I am posting here because I do not want to look silly in front of the students, but I am really missing having the roommate. Especially now, after the nightmares.

I'm sorry

Mar. 23rd, 2011 11:34 pm
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While I have long since had full control of my mutant abilities while awake and aware, the one place I cannot control them at all is when I'm asleep. I tell you this merely as an explanation for why I still have an air scrubber in my room at all.

One of the things Forge arranged when he created this device for me was for an alarm to sound, and a light to illuminate when the filter was coming close to its replacement date. We have found that this alarm and light has malfunctioned on the device.

It's not an excuse, I should have checked it, or been more aware of how long it had been since I last changed it. It's an explanation however as to why I was not aware at all that the device was not working.

So, now comes the apology. I apologize to everybody for any pain or inconvenience my mutation caused you. When I first came to Xaviers it was with the idea that I would learn enough control to never indirectly cause harm to another person again, but I have and I'm sorry for that.

I would also like to apologize to Kyle and Marius especially. Marius, because he was physically injured due to this incident, and Kyle because I reacted badly to him on the journals when he was only trying to joke with me.

With any luck the alarm feature on my air scrubber should be repaired by Friday night, and filters will be arriving early Monday. I'll be moving back into the mansion at that stage. Until then, if you need to contact me for any reason you can either find me in New York city where I'm staying with my boyfriend, Eamon, or at Westchester Univerity during class hours.
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Let us never speak of this again, shall we?
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It seems there is a real moose. I am, as they say "disappoint", if 'they' are Jubilee and Doug and that girl with the pet squirrel, who use that word in that manner all of the time. I was going to drive up this morning and put a fake moose in the stables.

Therefore, the location of my imaged moose will have to move. I do not suppose someone could happen to, oh, I do not know, let me into Wade's room long enough for me to make a moose?
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. . . but whilst my heart does go out to my fallen comrades in the Medlab, I do have a rather pressing question: What is a Deathstrike and why am I meant to be concerned? I mean, yes, certainly the monicker "Deathstrike" does not imply a sunbathed field of daisies through which fluffy kittens cavort, but there are levels.

(And no, I did not mispost; I simply do not care to ask on the team comm and be ridiculed for not reading over the entireity of seven years' of mission reports whilst a trainee.)
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Where my party people at, yo? Silver, 2nite. You know you wanna say yes.

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I've already had a few people RSVP, and if you're not sure if you can make it or not, there's absolutely no problem with you just wandering in. We'll probably start around six and then go on as long as people want. I don't want to go totally overboard with food, so if there are more people than expected and you come later on there might not be much left.

Remember, everyone who wants to play will get a turn! Even if you own the game or already play it all of the time you should still come because you will get to play with a lot of different people, and it will be fun! Plus, food, and the people who let me know they're going to be there by Monday night can put in requests.

See you all there!!!
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Who's up for Guitar Hero next week? You can play, you can watch, just be there! I'll even provide snacks!

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..I'd say nobody was getting any, the amount of sex talk going on with the journals right now. ;) And in front of the children, too. *grins*
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Kyle, why did you through me in the lake? I was innocently fishing for mansion dinner efforts! I call foul. Foul I say!

Also, in other news, I have a date with a mercenary tonight. There may be kissing...Does that count as a purity point? Or is it only when the kissing involves tongue?


Dec. 15th, 2008 01:47 am
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Was the airhorn really neccessary? Some of us were trying to die in peace, you know.
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Y Halo There Grads Comm

Just so I don't get another lecture on appropriate places to discuss pornography and other subjects to protect the CHEEELDREN, I figured, since Mark and I have seen Pirates and the rest of you haven't. I think we should show it to you. Complete with the way I saw it, with was with copious amounts of alcholic root beer floats. (crazy straws optional)

Tis the start of summer, and I haven't had time to properly welcome it. Let's get pissed and watch porn. :D
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...to something I never thought would happen, back before I came to the school - my 21st birthday.

Yep, that's right. Those of you who were at the school waaaay back ages ago might remember the bratty 16 year old with a bad dye job and enough metal in her face to fund a small African nation. Well, not only did she survive school, she managed to get all the way to the ripe old age of 21. Just think! I can finally drink using my own actual passport!

So. April 14. My birthday. In what's going to be no kind of surprise to anyone, I'm thinking a pub crawl, and those of you on this list - plus some of the SV folk not on this list and significant others, yes I'm looking at you Marie, bring the Canuck - are invited to join me. We'll be starting at 7-ish at Harry's, since I'm bloody well finally going to be able to be served there, after five years of trying, and from there we'll be employing the traditional method of choosing pubs, the Globe of Doom. The finish will be Finnegan's, the pub on the corner near the SV building Apologies to those who aren't old enough to pass Harry's eagle eye, but I promise you'll have no problems at any of the other places, even if we have to do the Jedi mind trick. ;)

So, who's interested?
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Soooo. Most of you by now know I'm back. And if you don't, what rock have you been living under? I mean, really, you need to do something about that lack of attention span.

Thought I should take the time to wave hello from my oh so sunny office in New York (And by sunny, I mean the loving light of fluorescents and by office, I mean desk...or deskish. I don't think I've actually managed to stay still long enough to figure out if they've given me a desk. Illyana? Do I have a desk? Anyway, they probably have, but I haven't seen it.)

I'm sure I had something important to say. It was interesting, although not quite as interesting as we're all possibly used to by now.

Oh well, maybe I'll remember what it was tomorrow. I am in no way drunk posting by the way. I don't care _what_ my trusted colleagues say about how many fruity drinks I've currently imbided...inbed, drunk a hell of a lot of. I am totally in full control of all my faculties. They just happen to be at sea at the moment, is all. (By the way, when did New York become Venice because seriously, I don't think streets are meant to sway quite that wildly.)


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