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Where my party people at, yo? Silver, 2nite. You know you wanna say yes.

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Soooo. Most of you by now know I'm back. And if you don't, what rock have you been living under? I mean, really, you need to do something about that lack of attention span.

Thought I should take the time to wave hello from my oh so sunny office in New York (And by sunny, I mean the loving light of fluorescents and by office, I mean desk...or deskish. I don't think I've actually managed to stay still long enough to figure out if they've given me a desk. Illyana? Do I have a desk? Anyway, they probably have, but I haven't seen it.)

I'm sure I had something important to say. It was interesting, although not quite as interesting as we're all possibly used to by now.

Oh well, maybe I'll remember what it was tomorrow. I am in no way drunk posting by the way. I don't care _what_ my trusted colleagues say about how many fruity drinks I've currently imbided...inbed, drunk a hell of a lot of. I am totally in full control of all my faculties. They just happen to be at sea at the moment, is all. (By the way, when did New York become Venice because seriously, I don't think streets are meant to sway quite that wildly.)


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